The 2016 Ford Fusion in El Paso: A Reliable Commuter

If you have to commute long distances to work every day, you need a vehicle that is reliable and has useful features to boot. Make these journeys a great experience every time by getting the new 2016 Ford Fusion. This sedan can comfily seat your passengers, and it comes with classy interiors and add-ons you are sure to enjoy.

Different Engine Options

Your options for your engine needs don’t need to be limited. If you are looking to save money on gas, then getting the EcoBoost model is advantageous. You can also save money and be more eco-conscious with the hybrid models, which run off both gas and electricity. In the long run, your wallet surely will appreciate your Ford Fusion of choice.

Striking Interior

A lot of time and attention to detail was put into creating the Fusion’s interior. The seats feature extra cushion to make those long journeys easy to get through. Ambient lighting is available with certain packages, which sets the right mood the moment you enter the vehicle. Leather-trimmed seating offers a sophisticated look, one that you will surely appreciate and admire each time you go for a drive.

The climate controls are easy to use, and there are a lot of safety features that help you have peace of mind when driving in traffic. There truly are so many things to love about this car, both in terms of the interior, exterior, and the amenities. See what this Ford in El Paso is all about by heading down to a local dealership to test-drive one today.


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