2016 Ford Explorer from Fort Bliss: Making Adventures Fun

Wherever your adventures take you, you need an SUV that can handle the roughest of terrains while ensuring that your ride stays comfortable and easy. At the same time, you also need one that packs a lot of power, but keeps your fuel costs low. For that, you need the new 2016 Ford Explorer.

The Look of Confidence

The 2016 Explorer has been designed to make adventures look good. Its exterior features a new liftgate as well as taillamps, fascia and exhaust tips. What’s more, Ford has also redesigned this SUV’s headlamps, hood, fog lamps, grille and fender. In addition, the Platinum model feature 20-inch machine-faced wheels that have Dark Tarnish painted pockets. This vehicle is all about confidence and it exudes this from the outside in, all the way to the engine.

EcoBoost Engines For Maximum Fuel Efficiency

The 2016 Ford Explorer also features EcoBoost engine options that ensure that you experience fuel economy in every single drive. This SUV can be equipped with the newer 2.3 EcoBoost engine that can deliver as much as 280 horsepower and 310 lb. – ft. of torque. Meanwhile, there’s also the standard 3.5L tj-VCT (twin independent variable camshaft timing) V6 option that readily cranks out 390 horsepower and 255 lb. –ft of torque.

Handles Any Terrain With Ease

Wherever you want to go, the Explorer will cross any terrain without any trouble. That’s because of its Terrain Management System that comes with four settings, which can easily match to whatever terrain you plan to drive on.

For city driving, there’s the Normal setting that keeps torque mostly on the front wheels. And in case you find yourself driving through muddy conditions though, you can always use the Mud/Ruts setting that makes your throttle more powerful and assists wheels in spinning when necessary. Meanwhile, you may want to engage the Sand setting when you’re driving by the beach. It applies full torque to your wheels, while your transmission keeps at the lower gears so that your wheels can spin aggressively. On the other hand, the Grass/Gravel/Snow lets the 2016 Ford Explorer have a little more traction, allowing you to have more control over hard surfaces. Should you feel like driving through hilly area, this SUV also comes with Hill Control that allows you to stay at constant speed even when you are going downhill.

Park And Driving Assistance

The 2016 Ford Explorer parks beautifully even when your hands are not steering the wheel. It makes use of 12 ultrasonic sensors that scans for the perfect parking space and helps back your vehicle into the spot. All you have to do is take control of the shift, accelerate and brake.

At the same time, this SUV also comes with a 180-degree camera in the front, allowing you to easily maneuver your way out of any situation. At the same time, ultrasonic sensors built into the 2016 Ford Explorer also readily alert you if there are any objects in your path.

You can find the 2016 Explorer in Ford dealerships surrounding Fort Bliss with three new colors and five new wheel designs.



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