The 2016 Ford Fusion in El Paso: One Economical Ride

When you travel to work or have a family to think about, it’s nice to have a sedan that can handle any type of task you have in mind for it. This is what you get with the new 2016 Ford Fusion, a stylish car that comes loaded with features to enjoy.


When you choose the efficient engine package, you get a Fusion that improves your driving experience like never before. The engines feature an all-aluminum construction, which makes it lighter so that it doesn’t weigh your sedan down. Additionally, the engine sports piston cooling jets, which help the engine work for longer periods of time without breaking down.

Appealing Interior

A lot of time went into making the interior of this car. This is clearly evident with the seating. The Fusion has cloth seats that are made from unique fibers, which help the material hold up for as long as possible.

The bucket-seat design in the front helps you maintain a comfortable position, even when you are on the road for hours. There is plenty of legroom for the passengers. Everyone doesn’t have to feel so cramped, which makes these journeys less stressful to get through.

The dashboard is elegant and made from quality materials, and there are audio controls on the steering wheel. These help you to easily multitask while driving so you avoid getting into an accident.

Head down to your local El Paso Ford dealership today and take this car for a spin. With this sedan, you get to enjoy reliability, economy, and more.

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