The 2016 Ford Fusion in El Paso, TX: The Most Efficient Sedan

The 2016 Ford Fusion is the right combination of great performance and good looks. This mid-size sedan is perfect for the driver who wants ample space and top-notch comfort without compromising the car’s efficiency. Not only that, but this vehicle has an array of remarkable features that make driving both comfortable and pleasurable.

External Design

The 2016 Ford Fusion is arguably one of the most attractive and head-turning sedans on the road today. Its hexagonal grille is bold as it bends and slopes between the foglamps and the headlamps. Its LED taillights emphasize its gently arched roofline. From afar, you can see how Ford has managed to maintain the Fusion’s proportion, which shows its balanced in all angles.


Under the hood is top-notch engineering. The new Fusion offers different options of engines, transmissions and drivetrains catering to the different needs of each driver. The standard model comes with a 2.5L i-VCT I-4 engine. The EcoBoost that Ford is known for has two engine choices and a couple of hybrid powertrains. The front-wheel drive is standard in all models. The Intelligent all-wheel drive is an option available for drivers who want to enhance the Fusion’s traction.

Comfort and Quality

The space between the front and rear rows are well-balanced, giving the needed space for all passengers to feel comfortable. And although it has a curvaceous exterior, the doors are tall enough for easy entry and exit.

Indeed, this mainstream midsize sedan is built for comfort, efficiency, and a great driving experience. Get in touch with a dealer for Ford in El Paso today to know more.


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