The 2016 Ford Mustang from Dealers near Fort Bliss: A Flashy Sports Car

If you’re into speed and the thrill of the ride, then it can be hard to pick the perfect sports car. There are so many great choices, and each car has their own distinct advantages. For speed, performance, and looks, you might want to select the new 2016 Ford Mustang. This car has a lot of tradition behind it, and it comes equipped with modern features that make driving all the more enjoyable and exciting.

Different Driving Modes

A standout feature for this muscle car is the different driving modes you can choose from. These include sport, track, snow, and normal. The snow/wet mode is particularly helpful to use when the road conditions are not ideal.

You can travel with the family feeling confident and able to retain traction on different road surfaces. To change driving modes, all you have to do is adjust the toggle switch, which is located on the center stack. The sport mode is best used if you are looking to handle sharp turns and utilize the torque and horsepower of this modern sports car. No matter what type of road you’re on, you can be sure your 2016 Ford Mustang can maneuver through it.

Exceptional Audio

Even though this car is built for performance purposes, it also offers luxurious interior features. The high quality entertainment package lets you work with the 390-watt Shaker Pro Audio System. This system comes equipped with a single CD/MP3 player, an AM/FM stereo and a total of 12 speakers. The large speakers have been smartly mounted on the trunk in a way that doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Think this is the sports car you’ve been looking for? Visit a dealer for Ford serving Fort Bliss and take the 2016 Ford Mustang out for an exciting test drive.


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