The 2016 Ford Mustang from El Paso Dealerships: Improving on the Great Mustang Tradition

The 2016 Ford Mustang brings several changes to a unique car made very popular by automaker Ford. Modeled along the lines of the classic and original Mustang fastback, the 2016 model year design comes with the same timeless curves and quintessential lines.

Inside, the aviation-themed cabin of the new Mustang is neatly organized and fitted out better than any of the previous models.

Revolutionary Changes

 The Mustang’s changes may be termed as evolutionary, but it’s when you check underneath where you’ll find the revolutionary changes. With an available new inline-4 turbocharged engine, the shift is truly big. That engine now delivers stronger performance compared to the earlier models or any of its rivals in this class.


 The new Mustang is remarkably agile, delivering a responsive and crisp driving experience. To isolate road imperfections and minimize body roll, the 2017 Mustang comes with an independent and integrated rear suspension to give you precise handling and a comfortable ride.

Technology Features

 To enhance your driving experience, the 2017 Ford Mustang comes with a barrage of impressive standard and optional advanced technology features. The sound system will meet the demands of any audiophile. Then you have the Selectable Drive Modes, giving you the power of customizing the car’s feel to your particular tastes.

If you wish to drive a car that is adventurous, one that ignites a sense of optimism and ushers in freedom at each turn, Ford dealers in El Paso have what you need: the classy 2016 Ford Mustang.



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