The 2016 Ford Explorer from a Dealership in El Paso, TX: Fresher, User-Friendly, and More Refined

Ford Explorer mounts a comeback with its 2016 version by integrating fresher and more user-friendly enhancements. The changes addressed issues with its predecessor, such as the control interface and technology features, among other concerns. Now, you can take on different road conditions with ease, convenience and confidence behind the wheel of the 2016 Explorer.

Equipped with Premium Technology

Ford capitalized on the full power of technology with its 2016 model, allowing you to travel on challenging roads and terrains while taking advantage of this Explorer’s technical advancements, such as the Terrain Management System that coordinates with the four-wheel-drive mode to give you maximum traction and control. The driver chooses from various driving modes tailored to particular conditions: snow, mud, or ruts.

In the same vein, SYNC technology provides access to your smartphone and various mobile apps that can be useful on the road. You can make hands-free calls or find your favorite playlist without your attention to the road being distracted. It also connects you to 911 Assist in case of emergencies. You can upgrade your SYNC technology to SYNC with MyFord Touch, which has navigation and voice-control climate features.

Enough Space for Everyone

The 2016 Explorer is ideal for group trips because of its more than ample passenger space, accommodating up to seven people. Simply fold the seats down to make room for extra luggage or equipment. The vehicle pays heed to passenger needs as much as the driver’s need, to ensure an enjoyable ride for both.

These enhancements make the 2016 model deserving of a second look. Take as many looks as you like by visiting a Ford dealership in El Paso, TX.

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