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The 2016 Ford F-150 from El Paso, TX: Still Reigning in the Full-Size Pickup Market

Based on the success of the 2015 model, nothing seems able to stop the Ford F-150 from dominating the full-size pickup market. Even so, the 2016 F-150 treats drivers to yet more premium features and better driving dynamics. Dressed in military grade, high-strength aluminum alloy, the 2016 F-150 is lighter and more agile than its predecessor. Despite trimming pounds, its shell is tougher and actually more cargo capable than its predecessor’s body. All of these enhancements reinforce the truck’s leading stature, challenging the likes of Toyota Sequoia, Chevrolet Silverado, and Ram 1500. Continue reading

The 2016 Ford Explorer from a Dealership Sin El Paso: A Luxurious Mid-Size SUV

The 2016 Ford Explorer is an exceptional mid-size SUV, as it provides a plethora of features with enough power to go on adventure trips or long drives. In addition, the engines are quite fuel efficient, thanks to Ford’s EcoBoost technology and the parking assistance features allows drivers to easily park the car even in the tightest parking spots.

Parking Assistance

To start with, the most notable feature of the 2016 Ford Explorer is the parking assistance feature. The 12 ultrasonic sensors are able to scan the available area to find suitable parallel and perpendicular parking spots.

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The 2016 Ford Fusion from Dealers in El Paso, TX: A Perfect Balance between Beauty and Function

The 2016 Ford Fusion is among the most sought after mid-size sedans of 2016. The car itself is Ford’s successful attempt at proving that it is not only good at making SUVs and sports cars, but can also create highly advanced sedans for families.

Gasoline and Hybrid Engine Options

The 2016 Ford Fusion offers quite a lot of engine options to buyers. There are three gasoline engine options and two hybrid engine options. The base model comes with a 2.5 liter engine producing up to 175 horsepower producing up to 22 mpg on city roads and 31 mpg on highway.

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The 2016 Ford Escape in El Paso, TX: Built for the Road

SUVs are always a popular choice for city dwellers and those who go on off-road adventures alike.  One smaller sized SUV that has been getting a lot of attention as of late is the 2016 Ford Escape. This modern revamp of the faved model has a stylish interior, and it has features that make every journey an enjoyable experience. Continue reading